Welcome to InflectraCon – Inflectra’s First Global User Conference


Join our multi-track, two-day international conference focusing on software testing, agile methodologies, DevOps, and program management with Inflectra's platform. The program includes over 30 hours of training from industry experts, practical hands-on-sessions, and numerous deep-dives into test automation and business intelligence.

In addition to the formal program, the event offers a unique opportunity for meaningful face-to-face interactions between Inflectra, customers, users, evangelists, industry experts and partners.

We invite anyone who is interested in learning more about Inflectra's approach to software testing, test automation, agile methodologies, DevOps and project management to attend.


Conference Highlights


14 functional training sessions

10 management and theoretical sessions

30 combined hours of training on Inflectra platform capabilities

Deeper-dive and master classes on Inflectra’s test automation platform - Rapise

Networking with customers and partners from across the globe.

Talks from industry experts in cloud software.


Ticket Information


Early Bird - $350 until July 15

Standard - $450 after July 15

Early Bird Group (5 & up) - $240 until July 15

Standard Group (5 & up) - $375 after July 15


InflectraCon Program



How We Designed Spira To Be Used

Designing & Creating Test Scripts

Introduction To Being An Admin

Start Your Automation Journey With Rapise

BI & Custom Reporting In Spira

Workflows & Code Management

Building A Devops Toolchain

Requirements Management: Best Practices

API: What Can The Spira API Do For You?


Program & Portfolio Management

Methodologies: Agile Best Practices

Methodologies: Scaling Agile

The Future Of ALM - All Silos Are Banned

Best Practices in ALM

Say Goodbye To Old Tools & Stay Sane

Risk Management With SpiraPlan

The Future of Test Automation with AI/ML

Using Spira For Waterfall Projects


InflectraCon Venue

manor house.jpg

We are delighted to host InflectraCon in picturesque Manor House!


Featured Speakers


Jeffery Payne


Dennis Haßlöcher


Remco Putker


Teresa Langston



2019 Exhibitors



InflectraCon Sponsorship Opportunities


No conference would be complete without sponsorship opportunities, and we have some great ones for you!


InflectraCon Social


InflectraCon Happy Hour for Techies

No ticket?

No problem.

Please join us for an evening of fun - socialize and network with local and visiting software engineers, agilists, software testers, techies and the guests of the conference at our evening expo reception.


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