Track Overview


Day 1 - September 10

Times Functional Management Hand's On
9:00am Keynote: Company Vision and Roadmap
9:45am How We Designed Spira To Be Used Customer Case Study: Generali
10:30am Coffee Break
10:45am Testing 1: Designing And Creating Test Script Program and Portfolio Management
11:30am Testing 2: Advanced Test Management The Future of ALM - All Silos Are Banned
12:15pm Lunch
1:00pm Keynote
1:45pm Spira Admin 1: Introduction To Being An Admin Methodologies 1: Agile Best Practices Rapise hands on
2:30pm Spira Admin 2: Advanced Tips and Tricks Methodologies 2: Scaling Agile Automation surgery
2:45pm Coffee Break
3:30pm Start Your Automation Journey With Rapise Software Development Lifecyle Using Spira Spira Surgery
4:15pm From One Test to Test Framework With Rapise Say goodbye to old tools and stay sane Spira Surgery
5:00pm Reception

Day 2 - September 11

Times Functional Managment Hand's On
9:00am Guest Keynote
9:45am Spira: BI and Custom Reporting Risk Management with SpiraPlan
10:30am Coffee Break
10:45am Developer 1: Workflows And Code Management Automation of Test Maintenance or Say Hello to AI SpiraPlan Clinic
11:30am Developer 2: Building A DevOps Toolchain Methodologies 3: Using Spira for Waterfall Projects SpiraPlan Clinic
12:15pm Lunch
1:00pm Testing 3: Data-Driven Testing Continuous Testing: Fact or Fiction? Rapise hands on
1:45pm Requirements Management: Best Practices Extending Spira with Add-Ons Automation surgery
2:30pm Coffee Break
2:45pm API: What Can The Spira API Do For You? Compare & Contrast how industries use Spira [Demo] WorX/SpiraTest
3:30pm The Power of RPA Using Rapise Panel discussion
4:15 pm End of Conference