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    Gold Sponsors

Ceefa Software are based in New Zealand and offer the WorX Manual Testing Accelerator – a breakthrough technology that places semi-automated processing power in the hands of non-technical testers without crossing the line into traditional automation, and without the hurdles that go with it. WorX allows test teams to quickly author and execute manual tests WITHOUT automation through a powerful, fun, and super-fast interface that plugs straight into SpiraTest out-of-the-box.


Coveros helps organizations accelerate the delivery of secure, reliable software. Its DevOps engineers help companies automate their agile development, testing, security, and delivery practices. Coveros improves the delivery of mission-critical software through consulting, coaching, and training programs.


Neotys develops NeoLoad, the most automated performance testing platform for enterprise organizations continuously testing from APIs to applications. NeoLoad provides testers and developers automatic test design and maintenance, the most realistic simulation of user behavior, fast root cause analysis and built-in integrations with the entire SDLC toolchain. NeoLoad lets you reuse and share test assets and results from functional testing tools to analytics and metrics from APM tools. And as a load testing platform, NeoLoad supports the full range of mobile, web and packaged applications, like SAP, to cover all testing needs. Continuously schedule, manage and share test resources and results across the organization to ensure application performance.


OAT Solutions is an Information Technology company that provides Consulting and Training services, as well as being a Software Tools provider in partnership with the producers of award-winning and best of class Products that enable Productity and Quality gains across development and maintenance activities. The services and tools provided by OAT Solutions enable and aim at productivity & quality increase across the IT department covering software development, maintenance, and project management

    A-La-Carte Sponsors

Influence IT Consulting Using the right people, with the right approach, tools, knowledge and experience, Influence IT Consulting can deliver superior quality outcomes for business, working with you to reduce your risk, speed to market and overall testing cost. Using appropriate tools to manage and automate the testing process to increase traceability, reduce implementation cost, increase test coverage, and increase business confidence and agility, our clients see immediate improvements. Automation can increase testing coverage of legacy systems to provide “upgrade insurance”. Influence IT is proud to be the ASPAC Sales Office for Inflectra products and we use them extensively in our consulting engagements.